well, HECK!

Hello family, (F)friends, and all loved ones!

I am writing here, with the support of the other two, just briefly to say that this week was rather eventful for us. On Thursday, July 18th we got hit by a van on our way out of Wisconsin. While climbing up a long gradual hill (so going slowly and one stacked behind the other) Bekah was hit first in the back of the head by the mirror of the van. Either she or the van hit Joey and both of them when down rather hard. Hearing all the noise, I immediately pulled off the road and ran over - called 911, spoke with the drive (we are grateful he stopped and stayed during the entire thing), and tended to my family, all with only some phantom-impact on the shoulder (no memory of how this happened). We were WELL taken care of. We got checked at the hospital and once Bekah was discharged, our hosts from the night prior came to pick us up and we stayed with them during our immediate process of physical, emotional, and psychological recovery. We were more than comfortable during this time and we "thanked" this family into oblivion as they provided us with wonderful food, comforting hugs and dialogues, and healing laughter. Our circle continues to grow.

There will be more reflection and writing from us in relation to this, I'm sure! Yet, for now we would love for you all to know that we are grateful for all the support you have provided us that makes us feel compelled to continue on. Inventure is a process and a journey and I am going to do my best not make a large distinction between "before" and "after".

The flooding of anger, fear, and love has made me think: what really matters in this world? What is clutter? How can my perspective change from this incident? How will I be stronger and what changes will I make?

For me, there is not really a distinction between good and bad in this case. Anything else could have happened. We have talked about how life threatening and shaking situations can happen commuting at home by bike in Vermont or Pennsylvania, driving to Quaker meeting, or even walking downtown.

Just like every other day on this trip, we will safely, consciously, and TOGETHER, approach our daily bike ride thankful for life, thankful for family, and thankful for the opportunities that lie ahead.

With love to you all,
Lily, Bekah, and Joey


  1. Aw man, that sucks. Glad everyone is ok. Keep climbing, use the experience for strength.

    Stay safe out there.

  2. If there are any folks I know that can bounce back stronger and more resilient from something like this, it is you wonderful people!! I am so sorry this happened and I am so grateful you are all ok.

    Your burlington family is beaming you LOTS OF LOVE and good vibes =].

    Be safe, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm so very glad you are all okay, and I'm thrilled you're continuing your ride!

  4. SO glad you all are ok! Oy. Ups, downs, and you're still truckin and staying positive. Not that it sounds like yall need any extra strength or determination, but hang tough, and know that LOTS of folks are thinking of you while you're on the road! Sounds like you have left a trail of well wishers over 1,500 miles long in your wake! By the end of this, you girls will have made a continuous trail of friends that spans an entire continent. All of them different, but sharing a compassion for you three and a respect for your goals. Pretty cool.


  6. Lily, Bekah, and Joey,

    We loved meeting you three on the road today and were amazed by your great happiness and joie de vivre!! Keep up your wonderful spirits and keep on riding. Glad you are all ok and we wish you all the best on the rest of your ride. You will NEVER be sorry that you took on such a challenge.

  7. Ride safe and have fun!

    Anne and Ben