Exploring in Clare, Michigan

Today we rode 60 miles on the Pere Marquette rail trail. We were excited to be on a nice wide, traffic-free, and paved trail but it ended up feeling like FOREVER! It was quiet and fairly meditative. We didn't even play any games- we just let ourselves daydream today. 

I always find it hard to articulate my time on the bike. There's a lot of thinking that happens and hilarious incidents but theres just so much muchness!
Mind meets bike.

Anyway! The real story is our short detour into Clare city. Our lovely host from the night before told us to stop at the "cops & doughnuts" shop. Its a very popular place. And, it's exactly what you're thinking... 

A doughnut shop run by cops!

They bake all there stuff right there, sell merchandise, and do corky things like invite you to take a mugshot. The pictures speak for themselves:

Good stuff, EH?!

Taking the ferry into Michigan soon! We're very excite. Yip-yip!



  2. YAY! Just a tiny word of advice, your "crimes" may well be your Super Powers. Sweating too much? Your body is a clean running machine! Eating too much PB and gaining weight? You're going to need those reserves for the mountains! Vocabulary of "Interesting, Happy, Good, & Amazing?" Who doesn't want an open, in touch with her emotions, friend on a trip like this?

    Sorry, it's the mom in me. My youngest has Sensory Processing Disorder and nothing makes me more proud than when she says, "Mama? My Super Power is being sensitive. Can you tell (insert whomever) for me so she knows I'm sensitive?"

    I hope you three are having too much fun!!

  3. Fun pics, though Joey is the only one who truly looks like an apprehended JD in the picture! Nice work Joey. Got the surly touch down (which Lily should have, given her bike!)

  4. Love those mug shots! :)

    ~Sarah (honoringmycompass.blogspot.com)