All three riders are strong, important, young women with lots of questions.


Joey was born and raised a human/artist/quaker in Bethlehem, PA. She can be forgetful but believes in the power of waking up. This trip is a gift and a challenge in the middle of her personal quest for truth when it feels like the whole country is asleep. She is ready to ask questions and sweat hard and make something.


Lily was also raised in Bethlehem, PA. Aware of her humanness, her impact, and her loved ones, she longs to learn not just solutions but also the questions themselves. She finds meaning in simple things - the Quaker community, family and friends, and adventure. With gratitude and humility, she welcomes the quest for goodness, beauty, and truth. 

Bekah is a human who is in love with the journey of life. She has grown up in Vermont with people she loves, the sunrise, and the sunset. She is only really certain of one thing: it is love (in its broadest sense) that creates her truest path, allowing her to look into the eyes of another and find peace. The horizon calls to Bekah as she seeks to live in gratitude and humility every day. 

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