I just realized that nobody posted on here since we ARRIVED IN SEATTLE ON AUGUST 13.

It was a beautiful day and even though google maps led us into some frustrating corners, we eventually made it from Arlington to Golden Gardens, where several members of Lily's family met us to celebrate, and we joyously dipped our wheels in the water.

Look at those light, unloaded bikes!!

Probably one of the reasons none of us blogged about it is because it is an unfathomable task to sum up the trip. How can any of us put into words the emotions that accompany this moment? We met over 100 people on the road who touched our lives, and received so many gifts in the form of meals, hugs, stories, sights and sounds. We've already said several times on this blog that we plan to "pay it forward" and to even get close to squaring up we better start right now!

Meanwhile, I did attempt to write a song about it (with the ukulele that followed me around all summer):


AND I finally uploaded all the pages of my sketchbook! (I know, I've been so productive since moving to Seattle... OH. By the way, I moved to Seattle)

Where we are now:

Bekah made her way back to beautiful Vermont via a train to LA and then a flight stopping in Texas to visit family, and is back in her beloved Green Mountains!

Joey has basically settled into Seattle-- anyone want to hang out?

Lily has been bouncing around visiting with family on the west coast, and eventually plans to move to Newhalem, WA (which we passed through, on the way!) spending some time at the awesome North Cascades Institute.

One million thanks and blessings to everyone who was a part of our journey. It's not the end!



  1. WooHoo!!! We have had company so haven't been on to check out your blog the past week or so. So glad to "see" you on the coast. Wow!! What an adventure you all had! Congratulations!! If any of you want to take a jaunt to Montana again you always have a place to stay. :)
    Love, Lisa Lind (and the rest of the crew!)
    P.S. You have a beautiful voice Joey!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa and Scott and the crew!! Such a beautiful family-- we think of you often :)

  2. Congratulations on finishing your epic trip! We were the 60-something's you met going the other way shortly after your accident. We got to Bar Harbor on September 3rd and couldn't stop riding, so we rode to my brother's in Maryland, arriving yesterday. Crazy but fun. Some hard riding in PA and MD--long steep hills but not like the first part of our trip in the Cascades.

    1. Thanks Anne, and congratulations to you and your team! ..take a break now! :)