We are committed to keeping our minds, hearts, and eyes open during this trip and the process of preparing for it. In doing so we are asking a LOT of questions! Here are just a few of the less logistical ones, but we are adding all the time.

- What does it mean/what is it to be a scientist?
- Something about the integration/separation between man[in]kind and nature
- Something about denial of death - living and being alive
- How is balance in the lives of people I have met and where is this balanced derived?
- How am I alive right now? How can I be alive in the future?
- Where do I feel The Great Mysterious and how can I welcome it into my spirit?
- How can I act humbly?
- What makes change welcoming?
- How can protect the immediately endangered without practicing mastery or exerting power, but rather, by learning and acting humbly?
- How can systems be created more adaptable and in what ways can change be embraced while honoring diversity?
- How are we cultural? (How can I deeply analyze my cultural perspective while maintaining happiness?)

- What happened to this land?
- Where do we fit in?
- How do we wake up?
- Am I awake?
- What can I do as an artist/human/young person/privileged person?
- How can I detach myself from things/money?
- How can I attach myself to land/people?
- How can I eschew judgement? (had to use the word eschew, sorry)
- Where is the balance between putting forth energy to see our dreams achieved vs. allowing the winds of life to blow us where they wish?
Why do some of us seek adventure? What is adventure? 

What does it look like, feel like, to be truly alive? Is that different per person?
- Why do many of us seek a purpose? What would it look like to live in purpose?
- Love is my answer…why?
- What does it look like to be a human who makes change within the context of the unknown mystery of life? What IS good change?
- What makes some people afraid to look deep in themselves? What makes some people afraid to love and be vulnerable?
- What is home?
- Why do some of us seek adventure? What is adventure? Is there something lacking in our daily lives that make us seek this?

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